Commenting Guidelines

For an optimal dojoing experience, please adhere to the following helpful guidelines:

  1. Please avoid personal attacks.
  2. Please avoid the use of disparaging epithets.
  3. Please avoid hateful generalizations about groups of people (races, religions, etc.)
  4. Please keep posted images to a PG-13 (UK 15) level.
  5. Please format all comments according to the Modern Language Association                  Formatting and Style Guide (8th Ed.)

Commenters who ignore these guidelines will be given a warning and may have their         comments deleted depending on the specific content. Additional transgressions may             result in short term or long term bans from the site.

If you are banned and wish to return, please email to discuss it. This is to ascertain your reasons for wanting to post in the dojo and whether or not you would try to be more respectful to the other commenters if reinstated. This would also be an opportunity for you to present your side of the issue and help to come up with a constructive resolution. The previous policy of automatic reinstatement after a predetermined period of time had resulted in many cycles of repeated conflicts and bannings, so we’re trying this out instead.


In summary: