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Robert Peach passed away on a summer day in 2023, at the age of 39. Robert was a thoughtful, intelligent, creative, ambitious, and unique individual. To his online friends, he was better known as Indiana Peach, or more often just Peach, though he went by many names: Ruminations, Goldeneye, Chernabog, OfficeSpace, Milk is for Closers, Blue Chips, and myriad others. Peach was a dreamer who was always full of ideas and seemed to be working on several projects at any given time, with new plans always on the horizon. These projects ranged from literary fiction, to essays on global politics, to podcasts and more. His written works included the serialized adventures of his original private detective character, Jonas, AKA the Cairo Detective, his own unique twist on the Sherlock Holmes stories, the Axis of Evil geopolitical magazine, and even his own invented genre of literary experimental fiction in the short story collection Campari With Ice, among many other compositions too numerous to list. He was also the creator of the Key to the Liquor Store podcast, the blog sites Treecat Outpost, Good Looking Words, the Cairo Detective blog, Anakin in Plane, and the comedy site Indiana Peach Laughs, among others. He also contributed numerous film reviews, podcasts, and popular culture commentaries to websites including Talkbacker, Nerdbong, and Film Goblin, to name just a few. For the past decade, he was always a welcome presence in our online community, bringing levity, insight and a sense of camaraderie. He was an integral part of our little tribe, and will be greatly missed. Moreover, the world at large is a poorer place for having lost his unique perspective and voice; though he will live on through his many creative works that he leaves behind, and most of all in the memories of his friends.



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